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About Your Host: PeterB, (On Linkedin):
Peter founded Tactician Services Group in 1966, a Internationally traveled Propulsion Engineer, Marine Surveyor, & Investigative reporter, he has been on Contract assignments for Capital Machinery Manufacturers, Ship Yards, Governments and End-users throughout the Caribbean, Japan, the South and North Americas, as a Machinery/Hull Consultant, Forensic Analyst, and Project Director for over 25,000 HP Propulsion systems, Plants and Shipbuilding. Tactician Services was disbanded with early retirement in 2002, he now lives aboard the M/V So...fea, and does a radio podcast from aboard.

A decorated Viet Nam Veteran (Flight Deck Machinery), he is a non-current previous member of: SOPE, Society of Port Engineers-LA/LB, SNAME, Society of Naval and Marine Engineers, NAMS, National Association of Marine Surveyors, ASNE, American Society of Naval Engineers, I A of M, Millwrights/Marine Machinists Union. Only the USNI, United States Naval Institute, is current

“Always the kid who “liked” getting up in front of the class for a presentation, later in 1961 I did a few 4 hour US Navy watches as a radio DJ host for the Ships’ radio station, after that it was 50 years of public presentations (as an educator/trainer/investigative reporter on many global corporate Marine projects), I developed an expansive array of Marine information contacts, societies, and communication methods that kept me aware and abreast of International Maritime events. HF radio, HAM radio, SSB radio (or the Coconut) is excellent for ship-to-ship voice, ship-to-home base, or to keep in contact with cruisers around you, follow wind and weather, fish lanes, hear about the news on the water, listen to what is for sale, what country is having troubles, what the port happenings are, or where the best restaurant/pub is at in xxxxx, modern day satellite telephone/wifi really never can replace it..

Porthole Podcastings started with a ”live interview and Skype call-in” concept, but, my Equipment and environment both, were not suited for the task . . . realizing that my incoming imarine information network was still in place, and being a writer/storyteller, I changed from ink-on-paper, public speaking, and websites, to seek out the (”listen” while fishing, changing/feeding the baby, working in the yard, shopping, driving, jogging rather than read) 50% Smart-Phone and laptop . audience for 2019 with narrative-only based shows instead.

How this Works . . .
A new and “separate” follow-along page will be built on this page for each show, any images or links mentioned on the show will be accessible there, along with a rough topic index key, some references will be made on the show to specific visuals needed for fulfillment. Email us at: TangledFishHooks@gmail.com You can find the “FREE” show episodes at any of these locations: